History of Ares & Kremena Ivanova

Kremena Ivanova

My name is Kremena and on the picture is my husband Theo and me..

WE live in Silistra, Bulgaria. 8 years ago, my son really wanted to have a dog for our home and so “Ares” appeared. I never imagined that a dog could make us all so happy but he did. He changed our view of the world and our priorities. He made us more caring and sensitive and he showed us how to love unreservedly.

I started saving street animals about 6 and a half years ago and gradually the whole family got involved, already we have created a foundation for animal’s rights and protection, called “Ares and Friends” and a small shelter.

Our activity is aimed at rescuing animals in distress, treating wounded and ill animals and subsequently finding homes, feeding and castrating street animals. I don’t know the exact number of how many I and Ares saved together Our friends, donors, adoptive parents have always been there, without whose help nothing of what we did and continue doing would be possible.

💖 „thank you from the bottom of my heart“ 💖